Updated: 23rd April 2018

Clinton Is Making Big Promises To UFO Believers

Hillary Clinton is certainly not hiding the fact that she’s really interested in UFOs, as she has pointed out numerous times in her bid to take up residence again in The White House.

Among her many campaign stops this week, the former New York senator paid a visit to a senior center on Monday in East Harlem. While there, she sat down with Power 105.1 FM Radio’s Breakfast Club program, where on-air personality Charlamagne engaged the presidential hopeful in a subject she’s spoken about several times on the campaign trail — UFOs.

Excerpts from the interview:

Charlamagne: If you become president, are you really going to tell the truth about UFOs?

Clinton: I am. I have said I want to open the files as much as we can. I mean, if there’s some huge national security thing and I can’t get agreement to open them, I won’t. But I do want to open them because I’m interested.

Charlamagne: Do you believe?

Clinton: I don’t know. I want to see what the information shows. But there are enough stories out there that I don’t think everybody is just sitting in their kitchen, making them up. I think that people see things — what they see, I don’t know. But we have got to try to give people information. I believe in that.

On the surface, Clinton appears to be courting the “UFO vote,” which could number in the millions. 

A 2012 National Geographic survey showed 36 percent of Americans believe extraterrestrials have visited Earth.

The same poll indicated that 80 percent of those surveyed believe the U.S. government has kept UFO information hidden from the public.

That’s a lot of potential, UFO-friendly, registered voters.

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